Picture Bela BRand

Picture Bela BRand

It was one of those wonderful, fleeting moments. The passionate pursuit of a dream brought us to a hidden paradise. Ilhabela (literal translation, "Beautiful Island") is one of the most breathtaking locations on the São Paulo coast and is well-known for its secluded beaches. Visitors must travel via ferry, then trek a 12 km trail to Bonete, a remote surf spot renowned as one of the most stunning in Brazil.

A private boat set sail to Bonete on a journey to discover the perfect place to showcase Bela BRands' exclusive collection of handmade, hand-selected bikinis, beachwear and boutique accessories. Against the captivating backdrop of this natural wonder, the crew bustled with creative energy. The models were alluring. The light was pure and sublime. All the elements were in place to make magic.

Soon, however, the artistic team learned that in addition to its natural splendor, Ilhabela is also known for its vicious mosquitoes.

As the sun dipped closer to the horizon, the swarms attacked. The crew - models, stylists, a makeup artist and a photographer - all performed with consummate professionalism, but the bugs outnumbered them. They swatted, shooed, and eventually got the shots, but not before the tell-tale bumps began to form.

Thanks to some selective retouching, all evidence of their battle with the bugs has been erased. The photo shoot was saved and we are delighted with the results, but will never forget the adventure on Brazil's "Beautiful Island."

I am indebted to the talented artistic team who braved the elements to capture the spectacular photographs and amazing videos that illustrate Bela BRand.

RAFAEL GIACONDINO - Photographer and Videos



MILENA SETA - Photographer

SABRINA ALMEIDA - Styling Assistant


The setting is authentically Brazil and these images portray the spirit of Bela BRand. Thank you for your commitment and for sharing your gifts with Bela BRand!

Beijos XX -Maria Laura