We are constantly investing in fabric innovation, and working to reduce our impact on the environment.



Our Patterns pieces are made form PET bottles, giving a new meaning to materials that would be discarded in the landfill. The Solid colors pieces are produced with an ultra soft and BIODEGRADABLE fabric, with the CO2 quality control seal that meets carbon neutrality requirements.

Cover up´s

Our Cover Ups are produced with silk from "Silk of Peace" and Eco Modal fabric.

The silk of Peace- Natural dyeing with nature pigments is a process that does not harm the environment, as it does not generate the need for water treatment.

Eco Modal-Fiber fabric, with international sustainability seal, and that meets carbon neutrality requirements.


To contribute to a more resilient and plural society, and looking towards a sustainable world we defined that:

- One tree will be planted for every product sold.

- Our packaging and tags will only use organic cotton and recycled paper.

- Our suppliers and partners must work with a fair trade-related productive groups.

- Our workforce always have been and will continue to be valued remaining predominantly feminine.

- We will continuously work with a small batches production. We produce what we think we can sell, to avoid overproduction.

  • In partnership with Ecotece we developed our special cover-up.

    With a sustainable material those pieces are manufactured by labor supported, coordinated by the institute.

    We based this partnership to support the humanization of processes (Fair Trade and solidarity economy) with a low environmental impact material that Ecotece works for.

  • https://plantearvore.com.br/

    In partnership with the IBF (Brazilian Institute of Forests) a tree is planted with each piece sold.

    To learn more about the Brazilian Institute of Forests, click here

  • Sustainable Solidary Stitching.

    The NGO is aligned with our company values, therefor we started this partnership.

    We supports the production of necessaires (made with banners and recycled canvas) by seamstresses in order to spread the beautiful work of the northeastern NGO.

    The objective is to develop educational and affirmative actions of a social character for these women.

The human rights and the planet preservation a is a concern at bela brand.