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Panneaux Kozmo

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Bela Brand represents responsible and sustainable resort wear rooted in Brazilian culture, offering exclusive prints and modern designs for timeless elegance and style. The pieces are crafted with the finest fabrics, ensuring quality and the perfect fit, while embodying sustainability and sophistication.

Elevate your beachwear with this chic and elegant sheer tulle sarong. Crafted from luxurious and lightweight tulle, this sarong features a beautiful print. The versatile design allows you to style it in various ways, making it the perfect accessory for any summer outing.

Versatile Styling:

- Wrap Around the Waist: Wear it as a skirt for a chic beach cover-up.

- Wrap Around the Body: Transform it into a dress for a stylish and effortless look.

- Wrap Around the Head: Use it as a headwrap for a bohemian vibe.

- Use as a Scarf: Drape it around your neck as a stylish scarf.

- Use as a Blanket: Lay it down on the beach or by the pool for a soft and comfortable lounging experience.


XSmall (XS) Size 34: 

Bust 30 inches, Hips 34 inches 

Small (S) Size 36-38: 

Bust 31-33 inches, Hips 35-37 inches 

Medium (M) Size 40-42: 

Bust 35-37 inches, Hips 39-40 inches 

Large (L) Size 44-46: 

Bust 38-39 inches, Hips 41-42 inches

Large 1 (XL) Size 48-50: 

Bust 40-41 inches, Hips 43-44 inches

Large 2 (XXL) Size 52-54: 

Bust 42-44 inches, Hips 45-46 inches 

Large 3 (XXL) Size 52-54: 

Bust 44-45 inches, Hips 47-50 inches